Famous Blue Raincoat

15 Aug, 2021 at 17:02 | Posted in Varia | 4 Comments


Leonard Cohen — not Bob Dylan — should have been the first songwriter to win the Nobel Prize for Literature. 


  1. Warnes’ album is one of my absolute favourites 🙂

    • Cohen’s renditions are monotonal and generally lugubrious – still satisfying and not entirely unattractive.

      Warnes supplies new energy, colour and life to Cohen’s songs.

      Thanks for putting up the album.

  2. I saw Leonard Cohen live in concert in 1973 at the Forest Hills (NY) Tennis (?) Club.

    It was magical.

    This is my favorite version of my favorite song of his:

  3. Lars,
    I know you’re featuring Cohen but Warnes’ rendition is terrific and the production excellent.
    On the same album is Warnes’ version of “First We Take Manhattan” featuring, of all people, Stevie Ray Vaughan on lead guitar.
    What a combination, Cohen, Warnes and Vaughan.

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