China concerts

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Ask the mountains

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It is better to be unhappy Socrates than a happy pig

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Truth and knowledge

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minima-moralia_341121The relation of knowledge to power is one not only of servility but of truth. Much knowledge, if out of pro­portion to the disposition of forces, is invalid, however formally correct it may be.If an émigré doctor says: ‘For me … is a patological case’, his pronouncement may ultimately be con­firmed by clinical findings, but its incongruity with the objective calamity visited on the world in the name of that paranoiac renders the diagnosis ridiculous, mere professional preening. Perhaps … is ‘in-himself’ a pathological case, but certainly not ‘for-him’. The vanity and poverty of many of the declarations against … by émigrés is connected with this. People thinking in the forms of free, detached, disinterested appraisal were unable to accommodate with­ in those forms the experience of violence which in reality annuls such thinking. The almost insoluble task is to let neither the power of others, nor our own powerlessness, stupefy us.

Purple rain

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English for beginners

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A night at the Roxbury

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The immorality of lying

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21924557-mmmainThe immorality of lying does not consist in the offence against sacrosanct truth​. An appeal to truth​ is scarcely a prerogative of a society which dragoons its members to own up the better to hunt them down. It ill befits universal untruth to insist on particular truth, while immediately converting it into its opposite … Nobody believes anybody, everyone is in the know. Lies are told only to convey to someone that one has no need either of him or his good opinion. The lie, once a​ liberal means of communication, has today become one of the techniques​ of insolence enabling each individual to spread around him the glacial atmosphere in whose shelter he can thrive.

Theodor Adorno


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220px-Minima_Moralia,_German_editionA first​ precaution for writers: in every text, every piece, every paragraph to check whether the central motif stands out clearly enough. Anyone wishing to express something is so carried away by it that he ceases to reflect on it. Too close to his intention, ‘in his thoughts’, he forgets to say what he wants to say.
No improvement is too small or trivial to be worthwhile. Of a hundred alterations each may seem trifling or pedantic by itself; together they can raise the text to a new level …

The thicket is no sacred grove. There is a duty to clarify all difficulties that result merely from esoteric complacency. Between the desire for a compact style adequate to the depth of its subject matter, and the temptation to recondite and pretentious sloven­liness, there is no obvious distinction: suspicious probing is always salutary. Precisely the writer most unwilling to make concessions to drab common sense must guard against draping ideas, in them­selves banal, in the appurtenances of style …

In his text, the writer sets up house. Just as he trundles papers, books, pencils, documents untidily from room to room, he creates the same disorder in his thoughts … For a man who no longer has a homeland, writing becomes a place to live.

Für Lennart in memoriam

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