Fammi abbracciare una donna (personal)

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jeanett in berlinAs always, for you, Jeanette Meyer.

Though I speak with the tongues of angels,
If I have not love …
My words would resound with but a tinkling cymbal.
And though I have the gift of prophecy ​…
And understand all mysteries …
and all knowledge …
And though I have all faith
So that I could remove mountains,
If I have not love …
I am nothing.



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Den goda viljan

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How to learn a new language — drink alcohol!

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Being more or less conversant in seven languages, yours truly knows from own experience that learning a new language isn’t easy. It sure takes time and effort, but is worth every minute. And as science has shown — it improves your cognitive and sensory abilities. Now, speaking a foreign language is often intimidating. But as science — again — has shown: drinking alcohol helps …

Epiphany​ (personal)

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John Searle and the sexual harassment​ scandals at​ UC Berkeley

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#YesAllWomen Live Rally in Seattle supports victims of violenceA sexual harassment scandal casts a shadow on University of California, Berkeley and academic philosophy. John R. Searle, one of the world’s most renowned philosophers, has been named in a sexual harassment lawsuit launched by a former student, Joanna Ong. As Katie J.M. Baker of BuzzFeed reports:

“The lawsuit, which lists Searle and the Regents of the University of California as defendants, claims Searle groped Ong in his office after he told her “they were going to be lovers.” He also said he had an “emotional commitment to making her a public intellectual,” the complaint states, and that he was “going to love her for a long time.” Ong turned Searle down and reported him to other UC Berkeley employees, but they did nothing, the complaint states. Instead, Searle cut Ong’s salary and she was eventually fired, according to the complaint, which also claims Searle watched pornography at work and made sexist comments.”

The story raises questions not only about Searle’s conduct, but also the possibly enabling environment of Berkeley (which has been rocked by similar scandals before). There might also be a cultural problem with the discipline of philosophy itself. An overwhelmingly male-dominated field, philosophy departments have seen more than their share of high-profile scandals in recent years.

New Republic

Nationalekonomer spekulerar

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Der Himmel über Berlin (personal)

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I only left Berlin three days ago, and already wish I was there again.
Watching Peter Handke’s and Wim Wenders’ masterpiece — a movie that touches my heart more than any other — takes me back to the city I learned to love already back in the 1970’s.

Als das Kind Kind war,
ging es mit hängenden Armen,
wollte der Bach sei ein Fluß,
der Fluß sei ein Strom,
und diese Pfütze das Meer.
Als das Kind Kind war,
wußte es nicht, daß es Kind war,
alles war ihm beseelt,
und alle Seelen waren eins.
Als das Kind Kind war,
hatte es von nichts eine Meinung,
hatte keine Gewohnheit,
saß oft im Schneidersitz,
lief aus dem Stand,
hatte einen Wirbel im Haar
und machte kein Gesicht beim fotografieren.


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I Got You​ Babe

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