Things sure have changed …

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A skyrocketing economics blog

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Tired of the idea of an infallible mainstream neoclassical economics and its perpetuation of spoon-fed orthodoxy, yours truly launched this blog five years ago. The number of visitors has increased steadily, and with now having had my posts viewed more than 3 million times, I have to admit of still being — given the rather wonkish character of the blog, with posts mostly on economic theory, statistics, econometrics, theory of science and methodology — rather gobsmacked that so many are interested and take their time to read the often rather geeky stuff posted here.

In the 21st century the blogosphere has without any doubts become one of the greatest channels for dispersing new knowledge and information. images-4As a blogger I can specia-lize in those particular topics an economist and critical realist professor of social science happens to have both deep knowledge of and interest in. That, of course, also means — in the modern long tail world — being able to target a segment of readers with much narrower and specialized interests than newspapers and magazines as a rule could aim for — and still attract quite a lot of readers.

Ljus i mörkret

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radioI dessa tider — när ljudrummet dränks i den kommersiella radions tyckmyckentrutade ordbajseri och fullständigt intetsägande pubertalflamsande tjafs — har man nästan gett upp.

Men det finns ljus i mörkret. I radions P2 går varje lördagmorgon ett vederkvickelsens och den seriösa musikens Lördagsmorgon i P2.

Och nu är även söndagarna räddade.

3270059_612_344I programmet Text och musik med Eric Schüldt — som sänds på söndagsförmiddagarna i P2 mellan klockan 11 och 12 — kan man lyssna på seriös musik och en programledare som har något att säga och inte bara låter foderluckan glappa. En lisa för själen.

Nu i söndags vigdes programmet åt en av den moderna tonkonstens giganter — Arvo Pärt.

Tack Eric för ett fantastiskt program. Du är ett ljus i mörkret!

But once, we were here

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Prayer (personal)

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This one is for you — all you brothers and sisters, fighting oppression, struggling to survive in civil wars, or forced to flee your homes, risking your lives on your long walk to freedom.

May God be with you.

Poupée de cire, poupée de son

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France Gall. Une fille-femme merveilleuse. Magnifique.

‘C’est comme toute l’histoire du peuple noir qui se balance entre l’amour et l’désespoir.’

When we die / När vi dör

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Blue in green

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Take Five

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On tour again (personal)

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Guest appearance in Hamburg again.’The Venice of the North’ is today as hip and hot as Berlin. Regular blogging will be resumed next weekend.

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