Steven Pinker on political correctness

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It really says something truly depressing about our times when this kind of self-evident things have to be said …


  1. over 90% of shootings are by nonwhites in the US

    • @Frederick Welfare – Please document your claim with a link to a reputable source. Or, did you forget the “/sarc” tag?

      As an American, I take personal offense to such claims made without evidence to back them up, notwithstanding the fact that the statement is so imprecise as to be meaningless.

      • For starters, from Heather MacDonald 2010 “Are Cops Racist?”

        “Today’s NYPD also looks restrained compared with the cops in
        other cities. In 1998 New York’s fatal police shooting rate was 0.48
        fatal shootings per 1,000 cops, compared with Philadelphia’s 0.72,
        Miami’s 2.01, and Washington, D.C.’s whopping 3.12. Washington’s
        trigger-happy and predominantly black cops fire their weapons
        seven times more often than New York’s, thus belyng the endlessly
        repeated claim that a racially representative force is a more restrained

        More coming

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