How to get published in top economics journals

16 October, 2017 at 14:05 | Posted in Economics | 2 Comments

Halmos2If you think that your paper is vacuous,

Use the first-order functional calculus.

It then becomes logic,

And, as if by magic,

The obvious is hailed as miraculous.

Paul Halmos




  1. Sums up the banality of modern economics very well.

  2. My trouble is like that of the young man from japan (whose poetry never would span), who had a similar problem, of always trying to get as many words as he possibly could into the last line of his many dissertations about the ways of the world, so as to include so many things that need changes that there was no place for any editor to seriously consider his vast and wonderful ways for fixing-up the world in useful manners, rather like the difficulties that certain other economics writers when they occasional try to be original in their pseudo-scientific writings about matters that are so specialized and detailed that in the end they have actually written more and more about less and less until they have managed to write all about nothing…..

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