How to teach econometrics

16 Sep, 2022 at 15:09 | Posted in Statistics & Econometrics | Leave a comment

One way to change the sad state of econometrics — an industry with a huge output but no sales — would perhaps be to follow Ed Leamer’s advice on how to teach it …

What should we do with econometrics? | LARS P. SYLLTo take my students on a journey toward real intelligence, I have given them the following assignment: Your boss walks into your office and says, “I read in the newspaper this morning that interest rates are going to increase this year. Is this right, and do I need to worry about it? I want you to give a presentation to the Board in four weeks.” OMG! What to do; what to do?? These students will need to know regression assumptions and regression properties, but if all they know is mathematical theorems regarding properties of estimators, they will have a hard time taking the first and most important step, which is to better define the question. What’s the industry? What is the time frame? What are the decision options? After that comes a search of the Web for theory and data. And then the data analysis, not carried out by preprogrammed rules, but designed to fit the special circumstances.

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