On gender and alcohol

23 Jan, 2023 at 18:15 | Posted in Statistics & Econometrics | 2 Comments

Breaking news! Using advanced multiple nonlinear regression models similar to those in recent news stories on alcohol and dairy and more than 3.6M observations from 1997 through 2012, I have found that drinking more causes people to turn into men!

Across people drinking 0-7 drinks per day, each drink per day causes the drinker’s probability of being a man to increase by 10.02 percentage points (z=302.2, p<0.0001). Need I say, profound implications for public health policy follow. The Lancet here I come!


Chris Auld

Econometric identification sure is difficult …


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  1. In contrast to the difficulties of philosophers, children and rats have innate causal understanding.
    “Causal understanding is a developmental primitive: Children develop core concepts of causality at a very early age, causality plays a necessary role in subsequent developments across many different domains, and basic causal processes can be activated automatically or implicitly, with minimal effort.”
    Corrigan, R. (1996). Causal Understanding as a Developmental Primitive. Developmental Review, 16(2), 162–202.
    There is “compelling evidence for causal reasoning in rats that associative theories fail to explain”
    Aaron P. Blaisdell – American Psychological Association 2010 – Rational Behavior in Rats

    • Do lab rats know that humans cause their suffering?

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