Bertrand Russell on the folly of religious faith

17 May, 2022 at 14:49 | Posted in Politics & Society | 3 Comments


Faith should not be a question of believing in eternity, but rather of how to live our finite lives together and be true to our belief in the pursuit of authentic freedom.


  1. I would argue the term “authentic freedom’ befalls the same thing Russell is arguing against. This is not unlike Jung’s views on Humanities inability to remove itself from some notions of the past regardless of its effect on Humanity or this Orb as time creates new realities or environment – tis not static.

    E.g. Python parodied the notion of watery tarts bestowing swords that granted powers to an individual or a cause that would eventuate some notion of natural order in the affairs of humanity. Hence the terms liberties and freedom are an abstract dependent on the notion of the outcome some agency which has the force to enforce them.

    This is all highlighted by the advances in knowledge post Russell’s opinions.

    Regardless one has to acknowledge the numbers that for whatever reason hold such positions and how some social construct can be had where all can live.

  2. On the other hand, believing there is someone greater than ourselves can give is the courage to be better people than if we are worried about our lives being finite.

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