Answering Jordan Peterson

8 Nov, 2021 at 10:07 | Posted in Politics & Society | 2 Comments



  1. Peterson is a pseudo-intellectual charlatan who, at absolute best, can offer up some fairly basic but still useful self-help advice.

    He’s essentially a parasite who has found a profitable niche speaking a mix of genuinely useful self-improvement advice, and incoherent, Jungian mystical gibberish to large numbers of lonely, directionless young men who feel adrift in a society that has nothing to offer them but mockery and ridicule.

    Since the Left has completely disappeared in North America, replaced by woke liberalism that offers nothing for young (especially white) men but vilification, many of them are ripe for con artists like Peterson to come in and sweep up.

    He offers the appearance of a theoretical model for analyzing and understanding the world. It’s actually not, because it’s semi-coherent at best, but it APPEARS to be one to people who don’t know any better. Which is also basically what the woke claim to offer.

  2. Sounds like New Age Christian Nationalism.

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