Top 100 Economics Blogs

22 Sep, 2021 at 16:59 | Posted in Economics | 3 Comments

10. Naked Capitalism

46. Stumbling and Mumbling

63. Lars P Syll | Non-ergodic, realist and relevant economics

66. Real-World Economics Review Blog

74. Greg Mankiw’s Blog

Mainstream economics has sadly made economics increasingly irrelevant to the understanding of the real world. Trying to contribute in making economics a more realist and relevant science, yours truly launched this blog in March 2011.

Now, ten years later and with millions of page views on it, yours truly’s blog is ranked on Top 100 Economics Blogs.

I am — of course — truly awed, honoured and delighted.


  1. Does anyone have any idea why Stumbling and mumbling is censured by Facebook?

    • I don’t, but Facebook is being censured by Cory Doctorow in his blog at .

  2. Congratulations !!! – your comments on the epistemology and conceptual underpinnings of economics, among many other things, are extremely enlightening and useful for this ex-economist who worked at the OECD in the mid-1960s and then kept watch from afar.

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