Kant’s transcendental green spectacles

8 Sep, 2021 at 17:49 | Posted in Theory of Science & Methodology | 2 Comments



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  1. Kant’s claims regarding his “noumenol world” is the foundation of the critical realist philosophy of Roy Bhaskar and Prof. Syll.
    There is a good discussion in YouTube comments
    [ https://youtu.be/yxX71-NjSbc ]
    especially following:
    Randy Wayne
    1 year ago
    “Kant is difficult to understand for good reason- because he was attempting to baffle us with bullshit.
    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, of which Kant has none.
    How can someone such as Kant himself, who is supposedly ‘trapped’ behind ‘green spectacles’ ever even have knowledge of this ‘noumenal world’ ?
    He doesn’t, and is dishonest. “

    • Does absence of evidence mean evidence of absence?
      What if Kant closed his eyes to perceive reality better?

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