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On Philosophical Style: Amazon.de: Blanshard, Brand: Fremdsprachige BücherClearness and vividness in writing often turn on mere specificity. To say that Major André was hanged is clear and definite; to say that he as killed is less definite, because you do not know in what way he was killed; to say that he died is still more indefinite because you do not even know whether his death was due to violence or to natural causes. If we were to use this statement as a varying symbol by which to rank writers for clearness, we might, I think, get something like the following: Swift, Macauley, and Shaw would say that André was hanged. Bradley would say that he was killed. Bosanquet would say that he died. Kant would say that his mortal existence achieved its termination. Hegel would say that a finite determination of infinity had been further determined by its own negation.

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  1. Lars I stand ready to be incinerated by intellect, but I have to say, I once jumped out a CH-47 outside Savanna GA on a holiday jump and it made a mockery of what orthodoxy would suppose in the evaluation of risk. Suffice to say I was the only one of 11 than landed with out a scratch and had nothing to do with my pre jump knowledge or skills, it was only my place as last in the jump order and calm in responding to the events at the time with some luck that it worked out for me.


    Best bit was that it enabled me to help the guy that landed before me and had a hard landing and was concussed, had it not worked out that way he might not had such a good post outcome.

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