The problem wih postmodernism

10 Aug, 2021 at 15:54 | Posted in Theory of Science & Methodology | 2 Comments

Catharine MacKinnon; Tony Trabert; Ralph Nader — Charlie RosePostmodernism is a flag flown by a diverse congeries, motley because lack of unity is their credo and they feel no need to be consistent. Part of the problem in coming to grips with postmodernism is that, pretending to be profound while being merely obscure (many are fooled), slathering subjects with words, its selfproclaimed practitioners fairly often don’t say much of anything …

Postmodernism as practiced often comes across as style — petulant, joyriding, more posture than position. But it has a method, making metaphysics far from dead. Its approach and its position, its posture toward the world and its view of what is real, is that it’s all mental. Postmodernism imagines that society happens in your head. Back in the modern period, this position was called idealism.

Catharine MacKinnon


  1. When I’m out in the forests of the Pacific Northwest and society (on the car radio) is panicking about heat domes and megadroughts, but it’s raining on my head, doesn’t postmodernism seem plausible?

    • Ask Laurence post ME experiences as he looks out a small window and writes his memoirs for posterity.

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