Ontological emergence

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  1. Isn’t his reasoning frightfully ergodic? How many individual students get worse grades as they age? How much depression does not follow failure? Why doesn’t he care about those individuals? Why is he throwing out the outliers that don’t fit his narrative?

    • Would you please give one example for each of your objections?

      You seem to claim that failure does not cause depression in x number of cases. I did not think he meant that depression is always caused by failure, but the failure is one possible cause.

      • When I stopped watching, wasn’t he saying “failure precedes depression but something might cause both failure and depression”? But how does Godel fit into that theory? Was Godel a failure, or did logic’s failure cause his depression? And if he proved there are always true statements that cannot be proved, aren’t there always hypotheses about causes that could be true but you’ll never reach them using science and logic alone?

        • Relatedly, why wasn’t Hilbert depressed, because Godel made his project a failure?

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