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New outlook … | LARS P. SYLLMainstream economics has sadly made economics increasingly irrelevant to the understanding of the real world. Trying to contribute in making economics a more realist and relevant science, yours truly launched this blog in March 2011.

Now, ten years later and with millions of page views on it, yours truly is — together with people like e.g. Greg Mankiw and Paul Krugman — ranked on INOMICS’ The Top Economics Blogs list.

I am — of course — truly awed, honoured and delighted.

There are many excellent economics blogs out there … The blogs we’ve listed — in no particular order — are the ones we here at INOMICS turn to when we’re looking for interesting, informative, and occasionally offbeat articles on a wide range of economic topics …

1. Random Observations for Students of Economics

Greg Mankiw uses his blog predominantly to keep in touch with his own students, but it also serves as an excellent source of information on many economics topics to those currently studying …

7. Naked Capitalism

Naked Capitalism is a blog written by several different writers, all of whom have credentials writing and studying economics …

13. Paul Krugman

Paul Krugman, a household name and heavyweight economist in the modern age, writes a regular column for the New York Times on macroeconomics, trade, healthcare, social policy and politics  …

22. Lars P. Syll

Lars Pålsson Syll is a professor at Malmö University in Sweden who focuses on the philosophy and methodology of economics, theories of distributive justice, and critical realist social science. An avowed critic of neoliberalism and market fundamentalism, his blog covers a wide range of topics in English, French, German and Swedish.



  1. Congratulations, Professor.

    Of the four, you and Naked Capitalism are my go-to blogs every morning over coffee.

    • Concur John and as an early advocate of Naked Capitalism [2008ish] I found Lars through the PKE community long ago. Lars blog is an oasis of non vulgar introspection in a discipline that has been corrupted, over some time, by those that would wish to dominate the social narrative for reasons of self interest above a greater good.

      Kudos Prof Syll and many thanks for your efforts.

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