The truth about charter schools

21 May, 2021 at 10:02 | Posted in Education & School | 1 Comment

Parents frustrated with how their children’s public schools have responded to the COVID-19 crisis—whether they opted for in-person instruction, remote learning, or a blend of both—may see charter schools, with their free tuition and flexibility in reopening, as an attractive alternative.

3.3 Why Charter Schools are Fraud FactoriesBut a new report from the Network for Public Education reveals that sending students to charter schools comes with a considerable downside: the schools may not stay open for very long.

The report crunched nearly two decades of data and discovered that more than one in four charter schools closed after just five years. That’s less than the number of years it takes for a typical kindergartner to complete elementary school.

After ten years, 40 percent of charter schools were shuttered; after fifteen years, that rate rose to about 50 percent.  And the number of students impacted by charter school closures is considerable. According to the report, from 1999 to 2017, more than 867,000 students were displaced when their charter school closed.

Jeff Bryant

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  1. The now discredited Gates is a example to be considered with his advocacy for CORE.

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