Why yours truly and other Swedes love paying our taxes

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  1. The case against taxes is that they rely on flawed economic models that ignore the vast amounts of private money creation backstopped by central banks without taxpayers needed. You can pay for all the services these people get without taxes. These people are victims of bad economic theory …

    • Pigovian taxes like transaction taxes et al are a tool to diminish unearned income and head off speculative bubbles that threaten earned gains from socially productive enterprises and how that negates a Gresham like cascade of historical occurrences you should be well familiar with.

      As everyone is on a soft currency the money issue is moot ….

      • Yes, taxes are about control, not funding government.
        The problem with the “productive investment” model is that it has no export warrant (to use Lars Syll’s terms) to reality. Regulations designed to enforce the “productive investment” myth cause disastrous unintended consequences. For example, the Fed made two bad policy mistakes leading to the 2008 crisis: first, it was raising interest rates which provoked a housing default crisis, and second, it decided to let Lehman’s fail leading to a spreading financial panic that infected non-toxic assets.
        We should all be too familiar by now of the failure of regulations to establish “productive investments”. Much better to insure individuals against market panics via basic income, funded and inflation-proofed without needing taxes.
        Pigovian taxes are an immoral excuse to use state violence to enforce nonviolent behavior change that you happen to disagree with. Instead of taxing, you should use a basic income to provide such a good example that people will live like you think they should of their own accord.

        • Samuelsonesque EMH option pricing which is really rewarmed Bachelier, hence the whole risk pricing GFC dramas you say.

          • To regulate away option pricing you have to use state violence to change nonviolent behavior. But a much better way to “productive investment” exists: give everyone a basic income and encourage them to develop self-provisioning technology (do so yourself, as an example). Then watch markets wither away of their own accord.

            • Deal with the retort and end the detached reality shtick …. emotive special pleas from ideological pits aside E.g. you and yours down own that distinction or have a care when the pendulum swings.

            • Do you even understand what I eluded too E.g. Samuelson and his lack or propriety of an others work as a means to an end and not that of a rigorous self thinker.

              • I find your posts ungrammatical and cryptic. I make my best guess as to your meaning, and respond to that.
                For example: the phrase “lack of propriety of an others work as a means to an end” is very ambiguous and basically incomprehensible to me. I hope you’re not put in charge of writing regulations! But you could hardly do worse than existing regulators.

                • Does steal another thoughts as your own to advance a paying gig cut through your fog enough, yet you forward that proposition without knowledge of hindsight.


                  I would be careful of with notions of grammatical rigidity, elevated to empirical realism, after deploying a cornucopia of special emotive pleas, which axioms are Australian colloquialism known as a
                  ‘Dogs Breakfast’ of antiquarian social constructs mangled out of proportion to fit some concocted narrative.


                  Go back and read your response to my comment which uses B. Black’s experience and knowledge vs your opinion E.g. has no experience in the topic vs your personal opinion which had no means to independently evaluate its veracity – save you said so.


                  Are you are not familiar with Bachelier and how Samuelson re-decanted that proposition regardless of T or F to achieve a goal.

  2. Jag skulle gärna betala skatt om det inte vore för att jag lever på en svensk pension. Svenska pensioner är näst sämst i EU.

    Som det nu är bor jag i Frankrike, där grundavdraget ligger på 13000 kr i månaden.

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