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18 Mar, 2021 at 15:34 | Posted in Economics | 1 Comment

New outlook … | LARS P. SYLLMainstream economics has sadly made economics increasingly irrelevant to the understanding of the real world. Trying to contribute in making economics a more realist and relevant science, yours truly launched this blog in March 2011. Now, ten years later and with millions of page views on it, yours truly is — together with people like e.g. Paul Krugman, Nate Silver, Dani Rodrik, Thomas Piketty, Steve Keen — ranked on Focus Economics’ Top Influencers to Follow list. I am — of course — truly awed, honoured and delighted.

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  1. “I don’t see that it makes any point that someone in the Swedish Academy decides that the work is noble enough to receive a prize… The prize is the pleasure of finding the thing out, kick in the discovery, the observation that other people use it. Those are the real things. The honours are unreal.” – Feynman

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