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focEconomics influencers such as academics, journalists, industry professionals and even central bankers frequently take to Twitter to share their daily thoughts on all things economics, finance, monetary policy and politics … We put together a list of top 79 economics influencers that you can follow on Twitter. Nominees came from our team of at Focus Economics and we have ranked this list by number of followers.

1) Paul Krugman 13) Tim Harford 15) Thomas Piketty 17) Mariana Mazzucato
26) Steve Keen 33) Frances Coppola 57) Chris Dillow 76) Lars Syll


  1. Not one Modern Monetary Theory thought leader?

    How ironic that Steve Keen is high in your list, (and yet owes a significant intellectual debt of gratitude to Professor Bill Mitchell although not acknowledging it), however, Bill Mitchell is not mentioned. I note also no mention of Warren Mosler or Stephanie Kelton.

    • Well said Rod.

    • lol, keen owes nothing to Mitchell, and in fact took him apart on his silly views on trade.

  2. Twitter blocked my account but I can still manually follow some accounts such as @stimpyz1, @ghburnscfa, @volatilityvix for what is really going on in the world. @dandolfa is good for seeing just how wrong one man can be. @numismatics9 was a live tweeting bond vigilante who posted screenshots of restricted sell-side research reports, but he’s gone protected, probably since I kept getting him in trouble by reposting the classified research to back up my claims that, for example, financial flows far eclipse real goods trade flows for dollar funding of emerging markets. Citi Research had my personal website shut down until I removed a jpeg screenshot of one of their restricted-access reports …
    Lars Syll is the most open-minded of the economists. Dillow lets his comments section run wild which is refreshing …

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