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4 Aug, 2020 at 12:58 | Posted in Politics & Society | 2 Comments


Confirms — again — what we already knew: Trump is a reckless, untruthful, outrageous, incompetent and undignified buffoon!


  1. Lars,

    I should not continue to look at your videos. Too many interesting and disturbing phenomena come to notice.
    In this case, examine Trump’s left hand clasping his papers.
    Accidental or intentional? 🙂
    Unfortunately for everybody else, he has come to monopolize the words in the English lexicon prefixed with in- and un-.

  2. Yes, Trumped fluffed this question badly for a minute or so.
    Maybe he had a bad briefing, forgot his briefing, or just got into a temporary muddle.
    He’s human.
    For an antidote to your TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome):
    Try his interview with Chris Wallace and his Mount Rushmore speech:

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