It’s said that a star falls from heaven each time someone dies

26 Jul, 2020 at 15:19 | Posted in Varia | 2 Comments

Lisbetwp-1590939903265382057111.jpgIn loving memory of my mother Lisbeth Lissmark Pålsson (1937-1989).
Nils Ferlin was her favorite poet.
Those whom the gods love die young.

Clearly through nights’ coldness straying
with winds’ music frozen anew
dogs in the dark I heard baying,
as dogs around corpses can do,

widows I heard wailing wildly
and children sobbing for bread –
Stars do not care even mildly
if someone is born or is dead.


  1. Thanks, Anwar. I’m not a religious person — but I owe my life to my parents and have always found the fifth commandment a valuable exhortation: “Honor your father and mother.”

  2. Dear Lars, my appreciation on this lovely tribute to your mother. I come from a culture in which love and respect for those who have passed before us is a valued thing.


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