La Sagrada Famiglia (personal)

22 Jun, 2020 at 11:35 | Posted in Varia | 4 Comments

Having five grown-up kids it is not that often we manage to come together all of us. But this year we managed to spend Midsummer weekend together at the summer residence on our island. Lovely!


  1. Handsome bunch.

    We can only presume the caudal quadriped has no biological connection to you.

  2. Congratulations on such a lovely family! I have three grown up kid with three grandkids and we have all been together once in the past 6 years. One lives in Switzerland. The other in Montreal and the middle one in Toronto.

    • Thanks 🙂
      We’ve always considered it important to raise our kids as global children (the eldest has actually visited 43 of Europe’s states during the last five years!) I was an avid traveller myself when younger, but with age comes a certain kind of comfort-emphasis — and travelling becomes much more expensive …

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