And now for another American moron …

31 May, 2020 at 19:50 | Posted in Politics & Society | 5 Comments

Totally incredible. From under what rocks do all these racist morons in the US crawl out? Maddening and saddening to see!


  1. We are not all like that in the US. Or even most of us like that. But it is sad and even worse than sad. I got nothing good to say about my country right now. Again. There are still many millions of good people here though.

  2. They come from an overwhelming, but unearned, conviction of entitlement. In the US they are the top 10% of earners, also referred to as the Professional Managerial Class (PMC). They are the enablers of the 1% who basically control politics, in the largest sense, through the use of their money as speech (cf. Citizens United Supreme Court decision).

    America is now a failed state, and, with all of the crises facing us, the anger has reached the boiling point.

    Start with 400 years of repression of Natives and black folks brought here in chains. Add 40 years of the neoliberal project, monetary economics, and the coordinated right wing movement to make real the Powell Manifesto.

    No one should be surprised, except to wonder why it took so long.

    Of course, the loss of 100,000+ people and 40 million jobs just makes it all that much worse. Many people have reached a point where they feel they have nothing left to lose, so why not get out in the streets and rage against the machine (with apologies to the band).

    As the poisoned cherry on the top of this sundae we have a president whose only concern is himself and his re-election, who has staffed the federal government with incompetent sycophants, and calls for violence against his critics.

    We are truly screwed.

    • John the USA needs a new President and unfortunately it’s not Biden.

      • True dat!

  3. I have heard it reported that this woman is actually a Canadian living in the US. Sorry US, sorry world.

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