Yours truly among the top economics influencers to follow

27 Mar, 2020 at 09:58 | Posted in Varia | 7 Comments

lps2-1Yours truly is — together with people like e.g. Paul Krugman, Nate Silver, Dani Rodrik, Thomas Piketty, Steve Keen — ranked on Focus Economics’ Top 75 Influencers to Follow list. The list features academics, journalists, and central bankers who are widely followed on Twitter. I am — of course — truly awed, honoured and delighted.
[Added: And thanks everyone for all your congratulations and kind comments here on the blog!]


  1. Kudos Lars …

    I concur.

  2. Congratulations, Lars. Well deserved.

  3. Congratulations, Lars, from an admirer!

  4. Well deserved. My only regret is not having discovered you sooner.

  5. Amends Lars …

    I am compelled on a human level to express myself in a manner that depicts what your works and intent remind me of in the scope of my experiences … a deer stand of my youth … where I would be surrounded by the nature around me … and the books of Royal Science, History, and Science fiction … a peaceful place to consider the enormity of it all … endless days without time as it were.

    You embolden me to the notion that thought is not lost … and humanity is not a slave too any … thank you.

  6. Congratulations, many thanks, and please keep the great work!

  7. Well deserved, congratulations Lars.

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