John Searle — a sexual harasser

27 Jun, 2019 at 13:08 | Posted in Politics & Society | 1 Comment

Screen-Shot-2015-01-12-at-10.15.23-AMJohn Searle, formerly a professor emeritus in UC Berkeley’s Department of Philosophy, has had his emeritus status revoked, along with all the privileges of that title, following a determination that he violated university policies against sexual harassment and retaliation.

This action permanently removes him from the university community. He will not be eligible to teach, work with graduate students, maintain office space or have special access to campus libraries, parking, etc. His access to the campus will be no different than those of any member of the general public.

Campus disciplinary proceedings determined that Searle engaged in sexual harassment and retaliation against a former student and employee who worked with him in his campus office after graduating.

UC Berkeley

We all, of course, condemn John Searle’s behaviour. But his behaviour was for decades not unknown to people at his faculty. So why did they just silently accept his unacceptable behaviour? An absolute disgrace!

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  1. His Chinese Room argument is racially insensitive, too!

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