Standing up against fascists and neo-nazis

19 Jun, 2019 at 13:56 | Posted in Politics & Society | 9 Comments


A couple of years ago, neo-nazis and fascists were out marching on Swedish streets.

Tess Asplund courageously showed us all how to confront that kind of people.


  1. Hi, I read in your bio that you self-identify as “a critical realist and an outspoken opponent of all kinds of social constructivism and postmodern relativism”.

    Do you have any writings in particular that more fully explicate your position?

    My initial reaction is that postmodern relativism seems more consistent with Godel’s incompleteness theory (

    In other words, we will never find “one, perfect, logically consistent way” of seeing the world – a single “truth” – which I think modernism would claim. Postmodernism at least allows for the inconsistency and paradox of “multiple truths” (effectively, partial derivatives).

    I note that in my definition, postmodernism proper is different from what John Nerst calls the “pomoid cluster” ( I have no opinions about the pomoid cluster.

    Would be very curious to hear your response to this! Thank you.

    • “Postmodernism at least allows for the inconsistency and paradox of “multiple truths” (effectively, partial derivatives).”
      Nice. Never thought of it that way.
      Jains came up with anekantvada, the doctrine of multi-facetdness, represented by the “blind men and the elephant” story, to allow for multiple truths, thousands of years ago …

  2. Ok, tell us how a picture of an African helps reduce bombings and poverty in Sweden?
    Btw what is her vision for Swedes who have lived in Sweden for thousands of years? I am curious since some of those african (see race baiter page) enjoy seeing white people suffer.

  3. And some white guys are mass murderers, pedophiles, and …
    One more comment of this kind and you’re banned from this blog!
    The choice is yours.

    • Yes: there’s loads of academics and lefties who (like Hitler) can’t stand free speech. Is everyone who disagrees with you banned from your blog?

      • Are you kidding, Ralph? Free speech? Do you mean that I should accept openly racist comments on my blog? I suggest that EVERYONE who wants to make racist comments on this blog goes somewhere else. The choice is free!

      • Come on Ralph- your comment is as stupid as rs’s. And the fact that it was published should answer your question. On the subject of comments- I have written a few comments to your own personal blog that weren’t published and they were only mildly questioning of what you wrote and not at all otherwise objectionable. So who the hell are you to question Lars for warning someone about what he won’t tolerate? I wouldn’t tolerate that crap either.

  4. Thank you Lars for not letting it slide. Both RS and RM are full of BS!

  5. The neo nazis in Sweden are very few, maybe 200 persons? But the migration politics is very real and the SD party, the only party that persistently want to restrict immigration gathers 17 % of the votes. So dear Lars, are you aware of the fact that media, academia and the other parties consistently blåmes the people who want to restrict immigration for fascists and neo-nazis? 17 % of the population are hardly neo-nazis.

    You are out of proportions with the Picture here.

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