Ayn Rand — the forebear of zombie neoliberalism

6 Jun, 2019 at 12:06 | Posted in Politics & Society | 4 Comments

Ayn-RandRand’s novels promised to liberate the reader from everything that he had been taught was right and good. She invited her readers to rejoice in cruelty. Her heroes were superior beings certain of their superiority. They claimed their right to triumph by destroying those who were not as smart, creative, productive, ambitious, physically perfect, selfish, and ruthless as they were. Duggan calls the mood of the books “optimistic cruelty.” They are mean, and they have a happy ending—that is, the superior beings are happy in the end. The novels reverse morality. In them, there is no duty to God or one’s fellow-man, only to self. Sex is plentiful, free of consequence, and rough. Money and other good things come to those who take them. Rand’s plots legitimize the worst effects of capitalism, creating what Duggan calls “a moral economy of inequality to infuse her softly pornographic romance fiction with the political eros that would captivate a mass readership.”

Masha Gessen / The New Yorker


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  1. And Alan Greenspan was a devoted follower and part of her inner circle for a few years

  2. “a moral economy of inequality … ” there is an oxymoron if there ever was one 😉 John Dupre has much to say on the causes of the worst effects of economics on capitalism.

  3. Technology promises to let Ayn Rand be her best most selfish self in a virtual sandboxed environment where only those who choose to be there need stay.

  4. Noam Chomsky refutes right-libertarianism:

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