Knock Down The House

12 May, 2019 at 23:10 | Posted in Politics & Society | 3 Comments

Courage is not anything very common, and the value we put on it is a witness to its rarity. Courage is a capability to confront fear. Courage is to do the right thing in spite of danger and fear. To keep on even if opportunities to turn back are given. Like in the great stories. The ones where people have lots of chances of turning back — but don’t.


  1. My youngest is visiting us here in Japan. We (my wife and daughter and I) just watched a Netflix documentary on AOC. She and Pete (and others) are giving hope a chance in the US. Chloe (my youngest) is now considering double majoring in political science and biomedicine. Let’s hope the ill wind of Trumpism is just blowing thru …

  2. Chelsea Manning has true courage. She just got out of jail and will go back because she refuses to testify against Assange. Talk about personal consequences.

    • I am ashamed to be an American … Will this nightmare of neo-conservatism ever end without a WWIII?

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