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The City Library of my hometown — Malmö — is an architectural gem. Surrounded by splendid views of the idyllic park setting — and with its extensive collection of foreign language books, journals and newspapers — it is well worth visiting any day of the year!


  1. Lucky you: A good library is important.
    (I applied to Oxford and was told it essential to read Hardy’s apology for the interviews. Unfortunately they then new public library service couldn’t get me a copy, despite me thinking I was on good terms with the staff. After getting a first with Oxford (as did all the Oxford Queen’s rejects that year) I bumped into a local librarian at a party who said the apology had just turned up and was I still interested. On reading it I realised why we’d all be rejected in favour of people whose entrance exam results (according to my teacher) were poorer. A lucky escape for us all, then, thanks to the incompetence of the public library service. [But Oxford may have changed since then.])

    Much later, in the run-up to the financial crash I asked the British Library for Keynes’ Treatise only to be told that I was the last person to have taken it ought (it was out of print then) and I hadn’t returned it. Fortunately, despite many office moves I still had my return receipt, and they promptly got me another copy from somewhere.)

    So while British library (both small and large L) are very clubbable (albeit in different ways) maybe a trip to Malmo might be in order the next time I have difficulty getting a book? (Closer than Washington!)

  2. LOL! You’re welcome, Dave 🙂

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