Finland’s basic income experiment​ — a preliminary evaluation

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According to the analysis of the register data, basic income recipients were no better or worse at finding employment than those in the control group during the first year of the experiment, and in this respect there are no statistically significant differences between the groups …

FINLAND’S BASIC INCOME EXPERIMENTAccording to the analysis of the survey data, the wellbeing of the basic income recipients was clearly better than that of the control group. Those in the test group experienced significantly fewer problems related to health, stress and ability to concentrate than those in the control group. According to the results, those in the test group were also considerably more confident in their own future and their ability to influence societal issues than the control group. As regards generalised trust, i.e. trust in other people, there was a similar, but smaller, difference …

Despite the register data showing no differences in employment status between the groups, according to the survey data, those in the test group were more confident of their employment prospects than the control group … The survey results showed significant differences between the groups for different aspects of wellbeing. The results are in no way contradictory. Even if the basic income had no effect on employment status one way or the other, it may still have significant effects on wellbeing, which is also indicated by the results of this study.

Olli Kangas et al / Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Finland


  1. Happiness is not having a job. Economists want everyone to be controlled.

  2. That’s an interesting result. May I know Lars Syll what kind of program is this?

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