The Tusk-Varoufakis exchange

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  1. Nice quip, but its really not helpful in the historical context. Tusk was specific wrt the U.K.s long history in affiliation with the E.U. especially the actual friction and political antics for state market share dominance that culminated in the recent debacle. Could be argued the U.K. help to acerbate the structual problem he denotes due to its early influences in the E.U.

    This get right back to all the structual issues Greece had that culminated in its demise, compounded by error on clearance payment system contracts and long lead times to operational reality in a desperate act.

    In another example the U.S. was quite reluctant to do any principle right downs post GFC, something about Obama refusing the offer made. We all know how that perspective eventually panned out with the poli-sci outcome.

    So I guess were right back to contracts and good faith and the prospective that underpins it … via ideological forbearance. Bad maths and physics is not a substitute in my observations.

  2. Like the special place in hell reserved for those who assigned a risk weight of 0% to Eurozone’s sovereigns indebted in a currency that’s not their domestic (printable) one, and have thereby doomed EU to failure.

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