Political​ correctness eroding academic freedom in Sweden

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pcgm-logoProfessor Emerita Inger Enkvist of Lund University, writing in Göteborgs-Posten on 23 September, said two trends are challenging open debate at universities. These are the trend to “protect students against thoughts that question their beliefs or feelings” and the tendency to treat gender perspectives as being above science …

In her article, Enkvist said that all professors in Sweden now are aware that they might be accused of sexism or racism.

Male teachers have to have their doors open when talking to a woman student and counselling rooms at universities are now built with large glass windows so that everybody can observe what is going on …

For Enkvist, the concern has been fuelled by a much-publicised report by Academic Rights Watch, a foundation for monitoring academic freedom in Sweden, of a student at the medical faculty at Lund University criticising a professor of neurophysiology, Germund Hesslow, for allegedly saying in a lecture that there might be biological differences between men and women.

Hesslow was called to a meeting of the medical degree programme board at Lund University. The chair of the board, Christer Larsson, requested him to modify two of the statements from the lectures: that homosexual women had a “male sexual inclination” and, with regard to transsexualisation, whether “this is a sexual orientation is a question of definition” …

“It is a misunderstanding that this is an exposition of a political agenda,” Hesslow wrote … “My agenda, if it can be characterised as such, is to defend the scientific approach that I think has to dominate all work at a university.”

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