Antidotes to populism

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1 Comment

  1. I have been a serious student of the Midwest Progressive movements in USA since 1982 while I discovered that my grandfather helped organize the Farmer-Labor Party in Minnesota in the 1920s. The Farmer-Labor Party was a direct descendant of the Peoples Party of 1892—(as was the Progressive Party in Wisconsin and the Non-Partisan League in North Dakota, etc.) The members of the Peoples Party were the first to call themselves Populists.

    My take on the historical Populists is that they were the most innovative and successful progressive movement in USA history—and maybe the world. That is why I consider ridiculous those misguided folks who casually use the term “populist” to slander those they consider hopelessly backward and just plain evil.

    So to Mr. Sandel—either find a better term for your slander or just shut up. The world would be a considerably better place if the great Populist ideas were to be implemented.

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