Pretty Little Liars

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The Swedish Academy. Founded in 1786. Dead in 2018.


  1. Johan August Strindberg, 1849-1912 never get elected or awarded by this community

    • And neither was Hjalmar Söderberg!

      • A scandal!

      • “The Swedish Academy, instituted by Gustaf III at the end of last century, is a ridiculous institution, composed of eighteen great friends who recruit the circuit themselves. It is not a group of poets but rather a club of fine people, without names, unknown amateurs, and after the deep Christian queen Sophia’s ascension on the throne, a meeting place for bishops and church heroes, chosen for a hip. The most beautiful and independent poets have never been in this aristocratic circle. Unfortunately, the influence of the academy on literature is not harmless, depending on the power the academy received from the state to award author support and prizes to competitor abilities.”

        August Strindberg after the trial Giftas process.

  2. Pretty? Little? Reminds me of the Al Franken quotation: Rush Limbaugh is a big fat liar.

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