Jordan Peterson on responsibility and political correctness

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  1. Jordan Peterson is misrepresenting the problem. The issue is ‘forms of address.’ Individual status and roles are described in terms of forms of address, e.g. Mr., Mrs., Miss, Ma’am, Sir, Your Honor, Dr, Captain or whatever rank, Professor, etc. Some people are extraordinarily sensitive to how others address them and to the expectation that they be addressed, in contrast to the expectation or possibility that they do the addressing, the initiating of interaction! So, when transgender persons “demand” they be addressed in certain ways, they are acting no differently than everyone else!

    • As I understand JP he is pointing at the deep ‘problematic’ when the state ‘appropriates language,’ telling citizens how to address each other. On THIS I share his concern. JP is a controversial person as we all know. I am NOT a fan of everything he says and writes. But, often, he dares to discuss things when most PC people are just looking the other way. For that I think we owe him some credit!

      • He is a right wing conservative and Republican who asserts that whenever the state tries to level the playing field and limit hate speech, harassment and discrimination, then the state has taken their libertarian rights away from them — as if the libertarian conservatives ever had the right to interfere with others’ rights to common respect! He demands that the state not interfere with his freedom and as the spokesperson for the alt-right he is their mouth piece. It is a form of extremism, not mutuality, not equality and a demand that their freedom be permitted to ride roughshod over others but no one may restrain their barbarism and incivility! Notice that prefaces his libertarian remarks with threats that people die easily and warnings that life can be very difficult!!

        • As I wrote, I do NOT always agree with JP (which I think is pretty obvious, considering what I write on this blog re neoliberalism and libertarianism). But even people who are mostly wrong ​can deliver thoughtful, interesting, and highly valuable insights. Just to take an example: Although I’m very critical of mainstream economics in general, I find a lot of things that e.g. Kenneth Arrow wrote on social choice, public goods, etc., of immense value. We should all — especially if we are scientists — be careful not to through the baby out with the bathwater!

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