Trump’s bogus claims on the economy

31 Jan, 2018 at 10:07 | Posted in Politics & Society | 1 Comment


1 Comment

  1. Trump uses a strategy similar to Dionysodorus in Plato’s Euthydemus. Socrates tries to catch Dionysodorus by showing a contradiction between what he said in the past and present. But Dionysodorus is unphased:

    “And are you such an old fool, Socrates, rejoined Dionysodorus, that you bring up now what I said at first-and if I had said anything last year, I suppose that you would bring that up too-but are non-plussed at the words which I have just uttered?”

    Trump knows he can get away with contradictions because times are different. Facts are political, consensus-based. Even physics is consensus; the sun went around the earth, the ether existed by consensus. If Trump can attach a good feeling to his words now, and create a consensus, he wins. The opposition is left dumbfounded, spluttering, trying to say “you said that then and this now, you can’t!” But Dionysodorus knows he is free of Socrates’s constraints …

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