A Happy New Year to all my blog readers

27 Dec, 2017 at 23:31 | Posted in Varia | 2 Comments

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Tired of the idea of an infallible mainstream neoclassical economics and its perpetuation of spoon-fed orthodoxy, yours truly launched this blog six years ago. The number of visitors has increased steadily, and with now having had my posts viewed more than 3 million times, I have to admit of still being — given the rather wonkish character of the blog, with posts mostly on economic theory, statistics, econometrics, theory of science and methodology — utterly astonished​  that so many are interested and take their time to read the often rather geeky stuff posted here.

In the 21st century, ​the blogosphere has without any doubts become one of the greatest channels for dispersing new knowledge and information. As a blogger, ​I can specialize in those particular topics an economist and professor of social science happens to have both deep knowledge of and interest in. That, of course, also means — in the modern long tail world — being able to target a segment of readers with much narrower and specialized interests than newspapers and magazines, as a rule,​ could aim for — and still attract quite a lot of readers.


  1. Your posts are always interesting, Professor, even if I get a bit lost in the wonkier ones.

    Then there are the posts that highlight the contradictions and hypocrisies of mainstream economists and the absolutely unrealistic assumptions they use in their models. Those are the real gems to me.

    Thank you for your ongoing efforts to inject some realism into the field of economics.

    Best wishes to you and your family for a healthy and prosperous New Year.

  2. And thank you for all your work here for all our benefit!

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