He was my brother (personal)

3 December, 2017 at 12:29 | Posted in Varia | 4 Comments


In loving memory of my brother Peter

People say time heals all wounds.
I wish that was true.
But some wounds never heal — you just learn to live with the scars.

But in dreams,
I can hear your name.
And in dreams,
We will meet again.

When the seas and mountains fall
And we come to end of days,
In the dark I hear a call
Calling me there
I will go there
And back again.



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  1. May your brother’s memory be a blessing.

  2. It’s strange, I too have a brother who committed suicide almost two years ago. I had a dream with him in it just last night. He and another friend who OD’d, before my brother died, were supposed to pick me up but they drove right by without looking for me very hard, and I was chasing after their car. I think they were happy.

    My brother tried hard to be a good neoliberal. He was indoctrinated in economics at Berkeley in the height of Reaganism. During economic arguments, he would haul out his textbooks, which were full-on neoliberal in their arguments. He got a good high-paying accountant job. But the neoliberal game was too much for my brother in the end. There was too much good left in him that neoliberalism could not suppress. And he saw no other way out. Neoliberalism had softened him, made him afraid of losing creature comforts if he left the corporate world, as I had long ago.

    Neoliberalism killed my brother. I want to discredit neoliberalism. It’s personal!

    • Reading over my post, I realize I should have put a comma after “brother” in the first sentence. I do not have any idea how Lars’ brother died; I was moved to post because I too have a dead brother. Also, if my brother came back and read my post, he might very well dispute my blaming neoliberalism for his suicide, because we argued about almost everything. And it was fun …

  3. May he do well where ever he is Lars!!All the best to you,Jan

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