How to learn a new language — drink alcohol!

12 November, 2017 at 19:09 | Posted in Varia | 3 Comments

Being more or less conversant in seven languages, yours truly knows from own experience that learning a new language isn’t easy. It sure takes time and effort, but is worth every minute. And as science has shown — it improves your cognitive and sensory abilities. Now, speaking a foreign language is often intimidating. But as science — again — has shown: drinking alcohol helps …



  1. I have to report that while I have drank quite a few beers in my life, I have not learned any new languages. But there is always hope it will work… might as well try some more. Cheers

    • Sorry to hear. Maybe this helps: 🙂

  2. Being proficient in seven languages is a truly remarkable achievement! I am conversant in two and now on a third in a new country. I will try the alcohol trick!

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