Trump — a reckless, untruthful, outrageous, incompetent & undignified buffoon

25 Oct, 2017 at 09:28 | Posted in Politics & Society | 2 Comments



  1. Trump is King Troll. Trump trolls the world with a tweet. It’s hilarious how dems keep letting themselves get trolled by Trump’s tweets. He has them wrapped around his tweeting finger.

    Trump proves that the standard liberal technique of trying to censor and shame trolling does not work. Censorship is like antiobiotics, it breeds supermemes. Trump understands trolling and is the world’s master. Dems better learn about trolling.

    It’s funny to hear linguist George Lakoff and others deconstruct and analyze Trump’s trolls. They sound so smug, as if they have just discovered something. But those of us who’ve been on computers for a while recognize a great troll when we see one. We were out in the trenches getting trolled and learning to troll back while Lakoff was in his academic ivory tower, clueless …

  2. Maestro, Maestro a little presidential history in C- pullleeease!

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