On scouts and soldiers

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  1. The Dryfus case was pure anti-semitism, not any psychological upset in role-playing scouts or fighting soldiers, but pure hatred. There are still many people who are opposed to the Jews, but considering their contribution to civilization this is unjustified. Soldiers mostly obey orders not follow their emotions, Scouts are not all objective but combine feelings too. The story of the spies who was sent by Moses to evaluate the Land of Can’anan and reported back that it was inhabited by giants had the result of a 40 year delay. Do we have that much time to waste today?

  2. Thanks Lars. A very worthwhile post and the unwittingly (?) ironical comment by Chester is a perfect follow-up of illustration of the Soldier mind-set. One of my favourite articles is Why Bad Beliefs Don’t Die by Lester. It is 18 years old now but I see it as a classic. Chester is right about the waste of time comment but misses how the soldier mindset is the obstacle to shortening the time. The scouts sent to evaluate Canaan were likely soldiers with their mindset. Just because they have a title of scout does not make them one.

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