How to live your life (personal)

15 May, 2017 at 17:20 | Posted in Varia | 1 Comment


Among documentaries this is my absolute favourite.
Whenever my soul gets tired, watching this wonderful video of simple — good — life gives me new energy and hope.


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  1. On Reading A Biographical Dictionary of Dissenting Economists
    From SONNETS From Later Life 1981 – 1993. 24 March 1992

    by Kenneth Boulding

    Reading about the life and work of thinkers,
    Even within the walls of my own field,
    I must to a rather sad conviction yield,
    That there is much I don’t see through my blinkers.
    And even though some thoughts out there are stinkers,
    The knowledge that within my mind is sealed
    Is such a tiny part of what’s revealed
    In all five billion minds. But my mind tinkers
    With an idea that only what is true
    Is good. Yet Error skillfully embeds
    Itself so quickly in so many heads
    That there is much I’m glad I never knew,
    And I can add, perhaps, a little whine,
    That so few other heads know what’s in mine

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