A legend among legends has passed away

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Leonard Cohen (1934-2016)



  1. Like Lars, I’ve long, and even longer, been a fan of Leonard Cohen. But regrettably I never saw him perform, although I have a memory of coming close once back in Berkeley in early 68. At the time I was living with a photographer who had recently abandoned Greenwich Village in New York for the scene in Berkeley and San Francisco. We had planned to go to the concert Cohen was giving at the city auditorium, but on the day we couldn’t find a babysitter. Then a couple of hours before the concert, my quasi-partner got the idea of going to the small hotel where she had learned Cohen was staying and asking to photograph him. So off she went, leaving me to look after her daughter and wondering when I might see her again.

    Thirty minutes later she was back. When she had reached the hotel floor Cohen was staying on, the corridor leading to his room was packed with mini-skirted teenyboppers. She crowded her way through them and up to the man standing guard outside Cohen’s door. But when she explained her reason for being there, he replied that she was too old.

    “Too old! How can I be too old? I’m only 23.”

    She then calmed down and explained that she was a serious professional photographer who had shot numerous famous folk and rock artists, and named albums whose covers bore her work, and dropped that she recently had had an informal photo session with Bob Dylan.

    “Sorry, but your too old,” repeated the guard.

  2. I was very fortunate to see Leonard Cohen in 1970 or ’71, with my girlfriend, at the Forest Hills (NY) Tennis Club. As I remember it, he played solo on an acoustic guitar sitting in front of a microphone, very casual actually. It was one of the highlights of my life.

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