Why Trump won the election

9 Nov, 2016 at 18:34 | Posted in Politics & Society | 1 Comment

Basically because these two economic theory monstrosities simply do not work!


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  1. I would expect that everything he said before election day can be forgotten. It was all election rhetoric. Real politik and protection of US interests will largely compel a continuance of the US’s way of doing business in the world.

    I suspect Trump will be a conventional Republican President, except that, if you believe what he said in his post election speech, he will rebuild US physical and social infrastructure. This is his pay off for the support by disaffected white voters. This makes him sound somewhat of a Keynesian, although fiscal realities and ideology might temper what he does to some degree.

    Even his pledge to build a wall across the Mexican border might be interpreted in a different way. Did he actually say he would build a physical wall? There are many ways of building “walls”.

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