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  1. Delighted that the Nobel folks gave their lit prize to Dylan. It validates my argument that the only serious poets these days are writing song lyrics. The bards would approve!

    As a Minnesotan, I also like to think that Dylan is one of us. I lived three years one block off Positively Fourth Street while attending the University of Minnesota. But Dylan is even more special—he is a Ranger. It’s what we call folks from the Iron Range and his father ran a small business in a mining town called Hibbing. Mining tends to make for troubled labor relations so Rangers tend towards communism (seriously). It was an immigrant culture of Serbs, Italians, Finns, etc. who nonetheless managed some impressive feats of collective action. The most impressive, by far, is the Hibbing High School. The mine discovered that the richest seam lay under the town so the town would have to move. Too grease the decision, the mine coughed up a lump sum the town could spend any way it wished. It spent it on a high school that is as beautiful as any building in the state—murals, coffered ceilings, an indoor pool (unheard of in the 1920s), an auditorium seating over 2000 complete with massive crystal chandeliers—the list is endless.

    The object of this exercise was to give the children of Hibbing the chance to get out of a mining town. The school has a remarkable record—governors, pro athletes, educators, authors… And now a Nobel laureate in Literature. And yes, he still sounds like a Ranger.

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