Sherlock Holmes of the year — ‘Nobel prize’ winner Bengt Holmström

13 October, 2016 at 16:15 | Posted in Economics | 1 Comment

Oliver Hart and Bengt Holmström won this year’s ‘Nobel Prize’ in economics for work on applying contract theory to questions ranging from how best to reward executives to whether we should have privately owned schools and prisons or not.

Their work has according to the prize committee been “incredibly important, not just for economics, but also for other social sciences.”

Asked at a news conference about the high levels of executive pay, Holmstrom said,

It is somehow demand and supply working its magic.

Wooh! Who would have thought anything like that.

What we see happen in the US, the UK, Sweden, and elsewhere, is deeply disturbing. The rising inequality is outrageous – not the least since it has to a large extent to do with income and wealth increasingly being concentrated in the hands of a very small and privileged elite.

Societies where we allow the inequality of incomes and wealth to increase without bounds, sooner or later implode. The cement that keeps us together erodes and in the end we are only left with people dipped in the ice cold water of egoism and greed.

And all this ‘Nobel prize’ laureate manages to come up with is demand and supply ‘magic.’

Impressive indeed …


1 Comment

  1. These days no one is surprised when a economists use magic as an explaination. It used to be “divine order” in the dark ages, “natural” is normally used instead, I guess magic is the next logical step.

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