Homecoming (personal)

29 Sep, 2016 at 13:26 | Posted in Economics | 3 Comments


After almost forty years in Lund, yours truly has returned to the town where he was born and bred — Malmö. Living on the top floor of this grandiose building — next to The Magistrate’s Park, and with The Opera and The Municipal Art Gallery just across the street — makes it easy to convince me returning was a good decision …


  1. I was in Malmo in 1971 at the invitation of a couple my girlfriend and I met in Copenhagen at the Tivoli Gardens. Barely spoke English, but they were some of the nicest people I have met and we managed to communicate just fine. He was a carpenter for Volvo and had built his own house. The city is quite lovely, but there was the occasional aroma of mink farms in the air.

  2. What a beautiful building! I hope you love being back home, Lars…(and that you don’t mind my blatant reposting of so many of your posts!)

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