The ‘journal game’

16 February, 2016 at 14:20 | Posted in Economics | 2 Comments

publish-or-perish-towards-a-ranking-of-scientists-using-bibliographic-data-mining-6-728.jpgMany of the submissions do  not appear to be written in order to further economic knowledge. Whilst I fully understand the pressure on authors, particularly young academics, it is still disheartening that so many economists seem to be playing the ‘journal game’, i.e. producing variations on a theme that are uninteresting and which do not enlighten.

John Hey (Managing Editor of The Economic Journal)

Sad to say, if anything, things have gotten even worse since Hey wrote this back in 1997.

Fortunately there are a few exceptions to the rule, like Cambridge Journal of Economics, Journal of Post-Keynesian Economics, and Real-World Economics Review, journals full of articles that are both interesting and do enlighten.



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  1. Publish or perish
    way too much that is garish
    often statistically significant
    without being significant
    it should be good ideas that we cherish!!!

  2. One problem is curricula. Schools are required to teach particular viewpoints, theories, ideas, etc and definitely not other particular ideas. In many cases it is safer to publish bland notions than to evaluate the field or to address particular theories which are considered controversial. Issues like class, inequality, ethics are rarely taken up in a rigorous fashion. The politics of schooling, college, publishing, or propaganda are just not talked about – the rejection is that fast. One of the problems is that critical ideas must be spoon-fed to neophytes as well as to established intellectuals neither of which may have the patience to digest the entire argument which is usually focusing on a paradigm-switch.

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