Postmodernism — self-refuting nonsense

1 November, 2015 at 15:44 | Posted in Theory of Science & Methodology | 2 Comments

Either (1) the Holocaust happened as a real, objective event in the past or (2) it did not as an objective fact, and any left-wing person who denies objective truth has got no business opposing, criticising and condemning the disgusting, shameful and ignorant fringe of Holocaust deniers we see today.

Rather, any Postmodernists who really believe their truth relativism and Foucault’s view of truth should be saying that “all truth is made by power,” no objective truths exist, and our “truths” are invented and not determined by some objective reality – not even the Holocaust.


But then the Postmodernist would face these questions:

(1) Is the proposition that “the Holocaust happened” just a truth made by power? If “yes,” what power system “made” it and why?

(2) If you think it is not an objective truth that “the Holocaust happened,” then explain why we have overwhelming evidence that it did.

(3) if you accept the overwhelming evidence that the Holocaust happened, then explain why you would persist in denying the reality of objective truth.

It does not matter what choice the Postmodernist takes, every path they could take here leads to exactly the same end: an intellectually and morally broken and bankrupt world-view.

Lord Keynes



  1. I am so pleased that other Post Keynesian / heterodox Keynesian bloggers are also skeptical of Postmodernism and truth relativism.

    There is a fine discussion of this in John King’s A History of Post Keynesian Economics since 1936 (2002), pp. 195–196, where he points out that Postmodernist epistemological ideas are utterly incompatible with core Post Keynesian principles, such as objective reality and objective truth, and even something as basic as Nicholas Kaldor’s “stylised facts” about modern capitalist economies.

    Fortunately, I think that Postmodernism has had its day and many people on the left reject it. We just need to be more vocal and stand up for objective truth as the most sensible basis for epistemology.

  2. Karl Popper was the man who opened the door for all types of nonsens questions as scientific questions. He did not forsee postmodern nonsens accepted as science, he did not forsee modelling with computers where you create a virtually un-falsifiable lie in an instant iteratively in the computer on the data. The lie has been falsified and adjusted a thousand times in a second, now i it is virtually unfalsifiable.

    Karl Popper is the big name in demarcation of scientific truth.

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