Statistical power and significance

18 Aug, 2015 at 09:41 | Posted in Statistics & Econometrics | 1 Comment

Much has been said about significance testing – most of it negative. Methodologists constantly point out that researchers misinterpret p-values. Some say that it is at best a meaningless exercise and at worst an impediment to scientific discoveries. Consequently, I believe it is extremely important that students and researchers correctly interpret statistical tests. This visualization is meant as an aid for students when they are learning about statistical hypothesis testing.

Kristoffer Magnusson

Great stuff!

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  1. If I may presume very briefly on account of being partial source for main post above. . .?

    I learn on twitter that the great unlearningecon guy ( would really like you to check out his

    to some basis-point approximation of the degree with which he’s apparently followed your own posts re RCT.

    As someone who admires the two of you, plus witnessed on own farcical academic career absurd polisci sideshow of buying West African villages so as to test politico-economic-development theories by running divide-the-dollar games between them, thought I’d risk an off-topic use of the comments
    (And apologies, abjectly- and of course, if it turns out that I’ve generally misread your non-tweeting as sign that your twitter presence simply an artifact of “share” links from wordpress.)

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