Milton Friedman’s anti-feminist feminism

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  1. “I suspect that the Milton Friedman that we had was the result
    of a rare coincidence.
    …………..The second part of my response to the question is that I’m glad there is no Milton Friedman anywhere on the political-economy spectrum today. I think that Milton Friedmans are bad for economics and bad for society. Fruitless debates with talented (near-)extremists waste a lot of everyone’s time that could have been spent more constructively, either in research or in arguing about policy issues in a more pragmatic way. I suppose that such debates also help to clarify implicit assumptions and shady arguments, but I think that is a small benefit compared with the cost in sheer hassle.—–Robert Solow

  2. Having grown up in the American South, it seems clear to me that Friedman was unaware of just how dear a bigot’s bigotry is to him. A bigot would gladly pay the costs of paying less to those against whom he is prejudiced. 😉 Friedman also seemed to be unaware of the self-reinforcing socio-economic effects of prejudice.

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